E&E Foods Supports Yukon Communities with Salmon
E&E Foods has been an a...

E&E Foods has been an active partner with SeaShare.

While the Arctic-Yukon-Kuskokwim (AYK) river systems are managed for long-term sustainability, sometimes the yearly runs are insufficient to even support the local, Alaskan communities that rely on salmon as a daily staple. When this happens, companies like E&E Foods and its Canfisco affiliates of Alaska General, Leader Creek and North Pacific, frequently stand in the gap by donating fish caught in Kotzebue Sound, Bristol Bay and Kodiak to Yukon communities.

Along with SeaShare, a non-profit that aggregates and arranges seafood donations, E&E and its sister companies have been part of an effort to donate 84,000 lbs. of king and chum salmon to fill this year's subsistence shortage among the Yukon communities. SeaShare also coordinated the logistics piece of the puzzle, with the support of Alaska Marine Lines, Northern Air Cargo and Everts Air Cargo.

Thanks to SeaShare (www.seashare.org) and our fishing brethren for supporting the needs of those communities in Alaska.