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At E&E Foods, Inc. our primary goal is to consistently provide the best Alaska and North Pacific seafood products reflecting the optimal mix of price, quality, yield, recovery and service.


We consider every order a custom order and entertain special requests, pre-season volume commitments, and ongoing programs. Finished product can be specified, and is available in a variety of forms tailored to your specific needs.


We produce at our own plants and source from an extensive network of seafood suppliers throughout North America to meet customer needs and provide superior quality.


For more information and to place orders, please call 206-768-8979 or directly contact one of our sales representatives.

Alaska Seafood Resources:
Alaska Seafood Harvest Chart (PDF)

Additional information and videos about Alaska seafood, fishermen, sustainability efforts, and recipes are available from the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) website:

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Photos courtesy of ASMI